Planned Shopping Center behind Blossom Park Villas!

On Friday, March 1, 2024, Frank Longano attended the Master Parkway HOA meeting on behalf of Blossom Park Villas.

At the meeting, Miami-based Meyer Group announced their intent to purchase the 77 acres adjacent to our community and showcased their proposed site plan to attendees (see attached PDF).


The buyer will be submitting to the county this month for approval.

If approved, they will close in mid-July.

Once approved, they are targeting 300 days to complete construction.

The center will have stores, restaurants, entertainment, and more.

Several name brand stores have already signed up. Look at First Watch, Chase bank, Chick Fil A, Globe Nails, Orlando Ale House, along 192 side. More stores inside the property.

New ponds and private fences will be added to separate the center from the adjoining properties.

There will be a new street exiting the 77 acres through the Delta hotel, next to Blossom Park Villas joining Parkway Blvd.

The shopping center will share a portion of upkeep of master Parkway HOA.

As soon as they close the deal in July, they will secure the perimeter and put security guards.

The development and operation of this shopping center will generate a lot of new jobs in the area resulting in more prospective tenants and an increase in property values and rents for BPV owners.

More exciting updates to come!

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