Reconstruction of the burned-out building – Invitation to Bid


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to all interested bidders that Blossom Park Villas Condominium Association will receive sealed bids for construction services related to Reconstruction of the burned-out Building, Blossom Park Villas Condominium, Kissimmee, Florida. The work is further described in the contract documents.

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Pest control update

Starting from August 1st, 2019 internal pest control is included in the assessments for every unit. Each unit will be treated quarterly and additionally upon request as needed (Tuesdays only)

Special clean-outs for cockroach infestations, treatment for bedbugs and fleas will require additional (reduced) cost paid directly to Florida Pest Control.

The arrangements are made with a goal to maintain Blossom Park Villas Condominium as a pest-free community. Please contact the office if roaches are spotted, the unit will be added to the Call Back Log for treatment on the nearest Tuesday.

Fire in Building 3024

Dear Members of the Blossom Park Villas Condominium Association!

We had a fire in building 3024, the cause is currently being determined, meanwhile it is important to keep people away from the site since the entire building is condemned – no entry is allowed until further notice due to multiple hazards. 

We are working on fencing of the building to prevent possible injuries or vandalism, there is a high chance that the building will collapse – again, no one is allowed and nothing can be taken out, the association is instructed to call the police if anyone is sighted in the restricted area, please call the police if you spot anyone entering the building.

The assistance to the victims of the fire is provided by Red Cross, the contact number is 407-803-6149

The homeowners are still responsible for the assessments and mortgages.

If tenants have renters insurance they should contact their agencies.
If owners have insurance they should contact their agents.
The association filed an insurance claim, we are working with the adjuster to understand the extent of the coverage.

The office will post updates on and a Facebook page as soon as we have more information.

Leasing of Units

Starting on June 1, 2019, the Association requires Application for Occupancy approved by the Board of Directors prior to a residential lease be executed. A substantially uniform lease with a mandatory Addendum was adopted to standardize the process.

Applicants are subject to a background check, credit check, history of evictions, income, and employment history screening for both new tenants and each renewal.

Most applications are processed within hours, however, some applications may take up to 2 weeks to process (depending on turn around provided by the screening service).

Upon approval, the lease agreement should be provided to the association at least 5 days prior to moving in. Tenants must check-in with the office prior to moving in. Also, a move-in/out schedule must be approved by the office.

Renters’ Package can be downloaded here as one file, otherwise, parts of Renters’ Package are available to download as separate files listed below:

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2019 Fees

Monthly fees for the year 2019 remained the same as in 2018

$227.85 for a one bedroom unit
$317.87 for a two bedroom unit

There is no special assessment or transferable special assessment fees.

To avoid late fees and penalties we highly recommend setting up an automatic clearing (ACH), please review Pay Assesment page for instructions as there are multiple ways to submit the payment.

Kindly note, COA does not accept any payments onsite.

2017 Annual Meeting

When quorum is not achieved thru limited proxies or member (owner) attendance at The Annual Meeting and Election of Directors, the Meeting is cancelled. Our Meeting scheduled for December 19, was cancelled for lack of quorum.

When the Meeting is cancelled, there can be no Election of Officers, so the existing Board members simply maintain their positions.

For future Meetings that require quorum, please be sure to return your proxy by mail or email to achieve quorum.

Your Board and management look forward to serving you in the coming year.

Happy Holidays!

Suggestions & Ideas for Social Events

If you have any ideas for social events, reply here leaving your suggestions.

If you are interested in getting involved in the community, speak with the Manager or a member of your Board of Directors.